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Jul 31

Taylor Swift success (also) in social medias 

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Jul 30

taylor swift - the red tour in snapchats - part 1/2

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Jul 30

Taylor Swift; a quick guide

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Jul 25

Red + Lyrics

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Jul 25

the taylor fandom: a brief summary

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Jul 25

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Jul 25

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Jul 22

Whisper hello, I miss you quite terribly.
"Hey! I just made a new video blog from our trip to London this week. It includes Caitlin’s alter ego, taking a walk through "Willy Wonka’s house. It’s very candy-licious and there’s lots of everything." (AKA Harrod’s), Amos and I sharing accessories, theft-proof remote controls, getting severely injured onstage and requiring immediate medical attention (AKA a band aid) and the coolest thing I’ve ever seen: Magazines with candy bars attached to them. Check it out. :) The song is one of my favorite songs ever by Hellogoodbye."

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Jul 22

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Jul 22

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Jul 22

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Jul 20

Taylor Swift / @taylorswift​ | Most popular posts & replies

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Jul 19

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